specializes in Flash multimedia, and the design, layout and visual impact of your web site.

Turn to IMAGEproduced™ for the beginnings of your personal web site, for Flash banners, ads and Flash multimedia development.


Example from the Flash multimedia presentation created by IMAGEproduced™ for "A Fashionable Taste of New York", a gala organized by AYUDA for the Arts at STRATA, Lower Manhattan.

Please be patient while multimedia loads. This an axample from a big screen presentation, not in a file size originally made for the web.



Stefan Umaerus has created and exhibited multimedia projects internationally for galleries, museums and cultural institutions since 1985. For the documentation please see the website:

For you, this means a unique Fine Arts background, in combination with cutting edge digital multimedia skills, to create the tools you need for communicating in the digital age!





AYUDA for the Arts
is dedicated to helping creative young minds from urban neighborhoods develop their artistic potential, enabling them to make significant contributions to our society through the Arts. AYUDA for the Arts is a New York-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.


Please be patient while multimedia loads...

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